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Welcome to Idiomar!

tl_files/idiomar/Tulum.jpg Everybody who´s ever learnt a foreign language knows how difficult it is. Maybe for some people that might be easier like for others, but one thing is always the same: Sitting and learning vocabulary is necessary, if you want to learn another language. However could be simpler and you can have fun with that as well, when you travel in this country where the language are spoken, which you want to learn. Because only there you are all around and all the time in contact with the foreign language and your chief concern the escapements to speak get lost.


I´ve made this experience and I just can say, that I could make conversation fluently and that in shortest time without to have enough knowledge before. Personally I´ve specialized in the country Mexico, where I´ve learnt the Spanish language, in the land of wideness, the cactuses and the tequila. You won´t only pick up a language but also to experience the live of the locals, the culture and their history. Try it and you will see it´s worth!